Reduce carbon footprint in construction        without compromising thermal, acoustic performance, and wellbeing

In today's dynamic construction landscape, prioritizing environmental sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity. It is crucial for every architecture, engineering, and construction company to integrate these sustainable principles seamlessly into its overarching strategy and daily operational practices.

Embodied carbon emissions, linked to the materials and products used in construction, can manifest at various stages throughout a building's life cycle, whether it be when striving to meet requirements for thermal and acoustic insulation or enhancing comfort and wellbeing.

Discover practical insights into reducing embodied carbon without compromising performance in construction by participating in this invaluable discussion with different professionals from the building sector.

Join us to explore innovative solutions for a sustainable built environment.

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14:45 Check-in

15:00 Opening

Host: Henrique Ferreira (Amorim Cork Composites)

15:10 - 17:00 Cork Sessions

  • Acoustic Insulation - Carbon negative solutions for high impact in noise insulation
    Speakers: Joana Trindade (Amorim Cork Composites) | Ekrem Tumay Kose (QUBI Acoustics)
  • Thermal Insulation - Cork House project: environmental sustainability and technical performance across the whole life cycle of the building, including resource, fabrication, assembly, inhabitation and end-of-life
    Speakers: Matthew Barnett Howland (CSK Architects + The Bartlett UCL) | Oliver Wilton (WW Studio + The Bartlett UCL)

    Coffee Break 
  • Comfort  - The impact of flooring on health and wellbeing
    Speaker: Martin Chrzan (Quadrant Modular)

17:00 - 18:00 Networking Cocktail

*The provisional timetable is subject to change.

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